Sunday 13 March 2016

Joe Volk - Happenings and Killings

Article by Yvonne McDonnell

Throughout this collection of reflective memoirs it is easy to feel the sentiment at the root of the music, often a difficult feat to deliver. A soft, gentle opener eases the listener into this album, and a gradual build-up prepares us for the atmospheric flair that is to feature throughout. A soft and vulnerable vocal flatters the epic darkness of the instrumental arrangement it lies on, creating a mysteriously appealing edge.

The second track, 'Soliloquy', automatically creates a contrast with a more buoyant sound. Subtle additions in the backdrop of the song add depth and a level of further sophistication. This is featured in other tracks; 'Is Pyramid' for example, which demonstrates Volk's technique and ability to enhance an already well-written and beautiful but simple song into a work of art. He possesses the qualities vocally, lyrically and melodically required to deliver an album as strong as this.

The darkness continues in songs like 'Sirens', and is mixed with shaking harmonies that allow for the emotion to really shine through the music. The album is completed with stunning simplicity that beautifully encapsulates Volk's strength as a musician.

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