Saturday 12 March 2016

The Clear - Yesterday Morning

Article by KevW

Sheffield trio The Clear have set out to make "classic West Coast pop", and going off current single 'Yesterday Morning', they've successfully reached their goal. With their album 'Patchwork' due on March 25th, we could be in for a gorgeous and dreamy bounty of retro songs that, much like this, are quietly stirring and emotive and could have been written for 'Dusty In Memphis' or to be recorded by The Mamas & The Papas, such is the relaxed vibe and subtle, sweeping arrangements.

Gently swelling strings make for a cinematic sound that really allows the vocal to take centre stage, with piano, guitar, drums and sighing backing vocals pushed back in the mix slightly, although combined they do really give this song an understated richness. Many modern proponents of vintage pop can go overboard with the orchestration and use a production style that borders on pastiche, but The Clear feel much more genuine than that, showing a great understanding and the deftness of touch to lift them beyond the rest.

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