Thursday 10 March 2016

PREMIERE: Stella Diana - Sulphur

Article by KevW

With recent EP 'Alhena' and their cover of Ride's 'Leave Them All Behind', Stella Diana gave the impression of being shoegaze traditionalists, and while new single 'Sulphur' may still fit that tag, it does see the Italian group expanding their horizons a little more. Taken from their forthcoming album 'Nitocris', which is due at the end of April through Vipchoyo Sound Factory, the band themselves say that the new material is more focused on atmosphere.

Indeed, 'Sulphur' introduces itself with rich washes of sound that plunge you into a hazy world of crystalline dreampop, as ghostly vocals swirl in and out of the mix. Eerie effects bubble below the surface to make things even more otherworldly, before the track suddenly takes off with uplifting waves of sound that begin to feel really quite euphoric. This is one of those songs that transports you to a better place where everything is golden and trance-like. Pure blissful escapism.

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