Tuesday 15 March 2016

PREMIERE: John Dillon - Holy Fool

Article by KevW

Dillon Sturtevant had been sitting on the songs that make up 'The Lost Estate' for some time, but it wasn't until he got together with members of Tomten, Kithkin and other friends to perform them live that they were introduced to the world. After recording them with the help of engineer Andy Meyer back in the summer of 2014, the album took shape and was eventually given a cassette only release under the band name John Dillon on Never Anything Records, but this month will see vinyl and digital versions made available through Plume Records.

On 'Holy Fool', the idea was to stick to the simplicity of only using three chords, and it serves as a reminder that this concept isn't limited to punky or DIY recordings, because this track is luscious, expansive and a little stately. In terms of structure, 'Holy Fool' is vintage pop that doesn't belong to a particular time, but for all its 'Be My Baby' drums, classic slide guitar and yearning melodies, it doesn't sound dated, although it does sound timeless, with a dreamy atmosphere that's thick but not overbearing. You could perhaps make comparisons to certain Pink Mountaintops songs in that respect ('Axis: Thrones Of Love' springs to mind), due to the subtle beauty that's tinged with sadness. Gorgeous.

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'The Lost Estate' will be available March 25th on Plume Records.

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