Saturday 26 March 2016

Joe Buzfuz - Now That I'm The Mayor Of London

Article by KevW

The most recent album from Sergeant Buzfuz, 'Balloons For Thin Linda', was a masterpiece in modern, British social commentary, and the tunes weren't bad either. Alongside recording a new EP with his band, frontman Joe Murphy is recording his debut solo album as Joe Buzfuz, and first single, 'Now That I'm The Mayor Of London', sees him lyrically continue where 'Balloons...' left off. As you might expect, both tracks here see the music stripped down to nothing more than an acoustic guitar and voice.

The title-track covers an awful lot of current talking points, which would be comically sarcastic were they not so close to the truth ("city bonuses will keep libraries alive... betting shops will fund rehab for gamblers...). The lyrics are a bang-on summary of what can happen when a city (or country for that matter) is run by the hands of a privileged few. The sparse musical arrangement, which occasionally recalls some Paul McCartney Beatles tracks, allows the words to become the focal point. Although B-side '3:15' was originally penned some time ago, it's very much in keeping with Joe's current lyrical vision, focusing on the Hillsborough disaster from the view of a mental health nurse who helped deal with the aftermath. Both songs feel like the work of a modern-day bard, and one that you'd much rather have representing your city than an oaf like Boris.

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