Saturday 12 March 2016

Alpenglow - Solitude

Article by KevW

Brooklyn's Alpenglow first released 'Solitude' as part of their debut EP back in 2013, but this dazzling track has been reworked to appear on their debut album, 'Callisto', which was released at the end of February'. The quartet as a whole make modern, cosmic indiepop songs that aim high and often reach great heights, with the excellent 'Solitude' being one such track that seems to fulfill the band's vision.

The softly plucked guitar intro gives a feeling of optimism and wonder, while the lyrics affirm that the future looks bright, and together they pick you up and take you on their journey with them. This may sound very up to date, but it draws on classic indie and pop influences, with a traditional structure and harmonies, but just when you think it's in full stride it builds again as though reaching for the stars. A great invitation to check out the rest of the album.

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