Thursday 3 March 2016

Vukovar - The Blood Garden

Article by KevW

Isn't it great when bands you like suddenly raise their game and produce something truly impressive? Wigan band Vukovar released their debut album 'Emperor' to much acclaim last year, and 'The Blood Garden' marks their first new material since them. A krautrocking update of album track 'Ms Kuroda's Lament' also features on the single, and sees them venturing to places a little more cosmic as it rumbles along on an interstellar voyage, but as good as it is, it's the A-side that really stands out.

'The Blood Garden' shows a composure and understanding of dynamics that feels above and beyond anything they've achieved so far. Although it's not exactly a million-dollar production, the arrangement is quite stunning, with gorgeous backing vocals giving an angelic feel and a stateliness that recalls some of the best mid-period Flaming Lips tracks. After a pause, 'The Blood Garden' romps for home with a '90s alt-rock vibe but doesn't lose any of its majesty in doing so. Perhaps Vukovar were just getting started on 'Emperor', and if this is an indication of where they're headed then we'll definitely tag along for the ride.

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