Friday 25 March 2016

Phosphene - Breaker EP

Article by Del Chaney

Following on from their impressive self-titled debut album release back in 2014, California-based noisy dream pop trio Phosphene have penned in the release date for their sophomore six-track EP entitled 'Breaker' for the 29th April 2016. The band are made up of Rachel Frankle - vocals/guitars, Matt Hemmerick - drums and Kevin Kaw on bass/guitar, and they spent the best part of 2015 structuring the tracks that would eventually appear on the finished EP. With a sound that jumps from beautifully melodic, golden dreampop to brilliant, jangling noise-pop Phosphene are a must-listen for fans of Slowdive, Interpol, Low and Alvvays.

The EP opens up with the instantly addictive 'Be Mine'. A hypnotically melodic vocal, carefully buffered by that catchy guitar progression, takes you by the hand and walks you through the song's inner structure before pushing you off the edge and leaving you to float on a wave of explosive lead breaks and pounding drum patterns. Up next, 'Silver' has post-punk connotations as those driving bass frequencies and that steadily repetitive drum pattern carry the vocal with them, ploughing a sonic furrow through the musical arena with aplomb before the track explodes into a stunning finale of shimmering sound. 'Hear Me Out' slows proceedings down with its beautiful intro of vocals and guitar before the sparse drum pattern and brilliantly executed bass lines inject depth into the track to compliment those stunning vocals. I'm reminded of UK-based Lanterns On the Lake as the track plays out. Truly beautiful.

'Rogue’ opens on a whirlwind of percussive hits and a shimmering guitar line before a dual vocal takes over and bathes the entire musical piece in stunning melody. Up next, 'Ride' builds from its opening notes into a slice of dream pop heaven. This is possibly my favourite track on this entire release. 'Ride' optimises everything that's good with this modern-day dreampop scene. Stunning vocal, stunning chord structures and everything just feels right. Instantly reminiscent of Canadia-based dream poppers Living Hour. The EP's closing track, 'Wild Decay', is full of melody and has subtle shoegazing tendencies rumbling around in the guitar effects and those reverb-induced vocal lines. Brilliantly executed, it's a fitting end to what is a rather interesting EP. Recommended listening!

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