Monday 7 March 2016

Tales of Murder and Dust - The Flow Inbetween

Article by Del Chaney

Formed in 2007, Danish psych-gazing five piece Tales Of Murder And Dust create stunning soundscapes of immense proportions that continuously push the boundaries of our psychedelic awareness. Vocally sublime, they meld together a subtle brand of dark shoegaze with psych rock to create an impressive cacophony of sound that includes pounding drums, waves of droning and noisy guitars, violins, sitars and impressive organ swells. Their latest album, ‘The Flow In Between’, gets its official release on the 23rd March 2016 via the brilliant London-based Fuzz Club Records and is available to pre-order right now from their website

The opening track on this impressive release is ‘Tidal Waves’. Creeping, maleficent percussion and dark guitar swells entice the hauntingly brilliant violin to loop and arc throughout the sonic atmosphere as the introduction of intermittent drum hits adds intensity. When the vocal arrives it does so on a wave of beautiful noise thats reminiscent of some religious choir holed up in a cavernous church hall with its layers of impressive vocals dripping wet with stunning reverb. A deliciously sublime whirling drone, riding a hypnotically tempestuous shuffling drum pattern, heralds the arrival of track two, ‘Black Reflections’, and with it comes that undeniably addictive floating vocal line, hauntingly swirling within a dark melodic sonic stew. ‘Black Reflections’ hits you right between the eyes, awakening something rather special. Track three, ‘The Devil Is A Poet’,  drags itself into the sonic ether on a wave of impressive guitars, soaring organ swells, sparse percussion and hypnotic tambourine hits. Reminiscent at times to Spacemen 3 or Sean Cook’s (Ex-Spiritualized) Lupine Howl with its opiate-induced vocal production, ‘The Devil Is A Poet’ is a shuffling slab of sonic darkness personified.

Up next, ‘Mirror’ sweeps into view and brings with it a certain feeling of unease as a dark, brooding cacophony of droning guitars, haunting vocal lines and steading drums collectively gives off a processional feeling. This is another impressive track, full of widescreen cinematic qualities and intense musical atmospherics. A throbbing bass line, hiding a subtle droning guitar leads us into track four, the explosive ‘Sisters’. As a swirling vocal progression intertwined within a melodic ball of noise greets the listener, this track unfolds into something magical with its melodic violins, pounding drums and delightful sonic peaks and troughs. Track five, ‘Distoretd Ways’, is nine minutes plus of mind inducing psychedelic brilliance. This track is a vivid maelstrom of droning guitars, haunting sitars and violins, hypnotic explosive drum patterns and that circumnavigate that impressive swirling vocal progression. A masterpiece of epic proportions and possibly my favourite track on this entire release.

Squalling feedback announces the arrival of the album's closing track, ‘Endless Repetition’, as that dark hypnotic vocal progression grabs you, pulling you into a swirling whirlwind of golden orchestral instrumentation and beautifully constructed musical progressions. That swirling drone works its magic, stirring the entire sonic composition with aplomb, adding atmosphere and bringing up new psychedelic visions with each reverberating pass.

This entire collection of tracks is an edge of your seat, no holds barred, sonic journey of psychedelic discovery. Simply put... this album is sublime!

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