Wednesday 16 November 2011

Wild Beasts - Reach A Bit Further

Single review by KevW

One of the ten commandments of music writing states that "thou shalt never pour scorn upon the Holy brethren that is Wild Beasts, who from this day forth shall be worshipped as the greatest British indie band since The Smiths by all of Christendom."  Which, of course, they're not. But they are pretty decent. New single 'Reach A Bit Further' sounds not dissimilar to many of their other songs, so there is a buoyant rhythm, clever lyrics, clean production and vocals from the Antony Hegarty school of throat contortion.

All of which will do nothing to recruit new members to their substantial fanclub but will satisfy the crew of dedicated fanatics already under their spell. Although 'Reach A Bit Further' doesn't really go anywhere and is essentially Wild Beasts by numbers it's still a track that any number of lower league arty, guitar-botherers would thankfully stab themselves in the eye with a red-hot poker for. Fairly uneventful, but at the same time quietly captivating.

Download b-side 'Thankless Thing' for free below.

Wild Beasts - Thankless Thing by DominoRecordCo

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