Wednesday 23 November 2011

Foxx On Fire - March Into The Sun EP

EP review by KevW

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Melbourne's Foxx On Fire would have you believe that they specialise in cosmic psychedelia that is "perfect for dancing and transcending", but space cadets seeking any kind of mind-expanding journey to far-out sonic dimensions will struggle to find them here. Instead this trio of UK-based Australians do a grand job of sculpting ebullient, bright, sunshine-pop with just enough of a hallucinatory touch to set them apart from the pack without shunting them into a left-field niche. The end result is an EP that many will find gratifying, but few are likely to become infatuated with.

The buoyant title-track has a sky-kissing chorus and soaring solo that's built to soundtrack carefree, cloudless summer days. Things take a funky turn on 'Vicious Satellite' with its bulging horns and disco bass, before 'Into The Light' takes us as close as we come to an acid-fried wig-out. The dance floor strut then returns on the handclappy 'Mission Abort', it's almost as though Foxx On Fire can't decide whether to be The Rapture or The Byrds. 'March Into The Sun' is a decent record but it would be great to see them pushing the limits a little further next time.

March Into The Sun by Foxx on Fire

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