Sunday 27 November 2011

Out This Week - 28th November 2011

Boris - Spoon

Tokyo's Boris have chopped and changed genres over the years, although most of these would be rock, prefixed with words such as noise, psychedelic, ambient and drone. Their new album is with us this week and is preceded by single 'Spoon' to which, oddly, all of the above words could apply. But we'll just call it shoegaze and be done with it. However you tag it, it's great.

Boris "Spoon" by terroreyes

Boris' website

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The Little Kicks - Call Of Youth

Scottish quartet The Little Kicks don't mess about with genres or try denying that they fit into any, being more than happy to simply call themselves indie-pop. After a brief break they're back with their self-titled second album this week. You can pick up single 'Call Of Youth' for free - and what does it sound like? It sounds like excellent indie-pop of course.

The Little Kicks' website

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The Beets - Doing As I Do

No prizes for guessing where The Beets call home... the shambolic Brooklyn garage rockers named themselves after the more famous band of the same name, which doesn't do them any favours in terms of google-ability. Their optimistic and melodic lo-fi sound is ensuring they're making the name their own though, and new album 'Let The Poison Out' hits the UK this week. Check out free download 'Doing As I Do'.

The Beets - Doing as I Do by Pretty Much Amazing

The Beets' website

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Chapter 24 - Spindle

There's a distinctly post-punk feel to this new single by London based Chapter 24, although the Pink Floyd referencing band name may seem odd when you listen to their sound, it makes sense to remember that at that point Syd Barrett was still steering the mighty ship through experimental waters in much the same way that 'Spindle' throws together echoing vocals, spiky guitars and punk attitude into a short burst of agit-pop. Great stuff.

Chapter 24's website

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Girls - Lawrence

We weren't expecting new material from Californian duo Girls so soon after the release of their acclaimed 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost' album, but they're back with a corker of a single here. The instrumental 'Lawrence' is a tribute the cult hero from Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart and is a glorious, proggy guitarscape with added choral atmospherics that invoke more passion than words themselves. It's as good a single as they've released so far.

Girls - Lawrence by PIAS Entertainment

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