Friday 11 November 2011

Ulysses Storm - Snake Cult EP

EP review by KevW

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The smoky blues-rock of Ulysses Storm feels like a product of the vast expanses of mid-western America rather than their home town of Nottingham.  Assured, robust and rugged, the opening swagger of 'Just Another Snake Cult' sets the tone for what's to follow, it may have given the EP its title but it's far from its crowning moment.

The hefty 'Frankska The Bear' is given an extra dimension thanks to a saxophone being strangled half to death, creaking and groaning with pain; it sees the band finding a deep groove. On the cocksure strut of 'Oh Oh Oh' they venture to assess what's happening from the edge of the dance floor, without ever quite taking the plunge themselves. The snakeskin disco beat and near falsetto vocal give variety without sounding out of place. 'Then The Ice Glove Held Time' is altogether more intense, the verses spat out with a vexed fury before the groove returns with the soulful 'His Place Upon The Pediment'.

That it's worth mentioning every track here separately is testament to the fact that they each sound good in their own right, making this a filler-free EP  that's both sturdy and vibrant and is best served very loud.

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