Tuesday 8 November 2011

The Lucid Dream - Heartbreak Girl

Single review by KevW

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Upon first glance at the sleeve for this new single from The Lucid Dream and the accompanying press release, resplendent with classic psychedelic, D.I.Y stylings and blurry, multicoloured press photo, you half expect it to smell of joss sticks, such is the hippyish imagery conjured up by this group of Cumbrians. The good news is that these particular 60s leanings exist in a world before the aesthetic was ruined by dope-fuelled, flower-power drop outs and long-haired campfire acoustics, "maaaan".

Instead we get a true psychedelia, closer in spirit to the mid 60s garage experimentalists. 'Heartbreak Girl' barely breaks the two minute mark, it's the kind of spiky pop purveyed by The Jesus & Mary Chain or The Raveonettes, with pounding, almost tribal percussion and guitars tuned to 'Velvet Underground'. The gorgeous, chiming breakdown will delight anyone who's ever become hooked on scuzzy, girl-group indebted guitar bands. The flip side is a session version of 'I Feel So Lonesome', powered by pensive strums and tambourine with a pleading, hazey vocal. These two shimmering tracks make this journey into the past one that's worth taking.

The Lucid Dream - Heartbreak Girl by The Lucid Dream

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