Sunday 6 November 2011

The Early Years - Complicity/Fallen Star

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Following a hiatus of over three years (since their last single, 2008's 'Like A Suicide') it's a real pleasure see the return of psychedelic Krautrockers The Early Years and to hear the London quartet sounding as staggeringly good as this. The smouldering soundscape of 'Fallen Star' is forbidding enough but the cacophonous ending of dissonant shoegaze guitars is the icing on the cake, other effects pedal specialists pale in comparison.

Great as it is, it's the stunning 'Complicity' that steals the show. Building on an irrepressible motorik beat that Klaus Dinger himself would have been proud of, the layers of electronics and affected guitar sound positively immense, even succeeding in putting much of their early work to shame. High repetition drone-rock can sound dull and muddy in the wrong hands but here it's fashioned with a vibrancy that allows it to really sparkle and come alive with energy. It's a teasing glimpse of how Neu! may have sounded had they been formed forty years later; powerful, efficient and fresh. So welcome back The Early Years, don't leave so long next time.

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