Friday 18 November 2011

Five For Free #31

Sea Of Bees - Marmalade

Earlier this year Julie Ann Bee released her second album as Sea Of Bees (last year in the States) and you can now download album track 'Marmalade' for free. This hybrid of blues, country and indie-rock perfectly shows off her subtle yet powerful voice creating a lush atmosphere of harmonies, strummed guitars and tambourine. Click on the little black arrow to download.

Sea of Bees - Marmalade by bayareanative

Sea Of Bees' website

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White Wishes - And It's Not You

The enigmatic Nikita Pavlov was born near Saint Petersburg and splits his recording time between his hometown and Berlin. With a couple of EPs and singles of brilliant 80s-influenced, fuzzy indiepop under his belt as White Wishes, things are looking good. We just hope his recent facebook message of "The End", is just a joke. Check out 'And It's Not You'.

White Wishes on Facebook

The Draymin - Rise Up

You have to admire The Draymin's determination. They've already split once, only to reform for another crack at it. And they're sticking to their guns and making the kind of high tempo, widescreen indie-rock that's so 10 years ago it might as well be on The Music's debut. Still tracks like 'Rise Up' possess a dogged energy and passion that refuses to be written off.

The Draymin's website

Twerps - Dreamin'

Australians Twerps released their self-titled debut album a few weeks ago and you can pick up album track 'Dreamin' for free. This is a beautiful, summery track, full of wonder and jangling guitars with soaring, off-kilter harmonies and a wide-eyed vocals. It's a song that's almost impossible not to fall for, and it's guaranteed to make you happy.

The Twerps - "Dreamin" by Creeping Wave

Twerps on Facebook

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Creepoid - Old Tree

Philadelphia's lo-fi rockers Creepoid have recorded a track for the Shaking Through project, a collaboration between Weathervane Music and WXPN, designed to help break up and coming independent artists. The result is the laid-back stomp of 'Old Tree' which shows off their sense of ramshackle harmony and love of guitar distortion. It's yours for free below.

Creepoid - Old Tree by wvmusic

Creepoid's website

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