Friday 25 November 2011

Thee Gravemen - Thee Gravemen

Album review by KevW

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If this duo are new to you, and despite them being called Thee Gravemen, you're still wondering what the Malmo based Englishmen sound like, there are further clues contained in this album's song titles: 'Six Feet Down', My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf', 'Diggin' Graves', 'My Witch'... I think you get the idea; it's unlikely they'll be enlisting Skream or Benga for production duties any time soon.

Think Screaming Jay Hawkins imagery, think The Cramps psychobilly, think surf, garage, punk and rock 'n' roll. Add some primal, wildman drumming, some dirty, twangy riffs, throat shredding howls, a coating of treble... and voila! The formula has been tried and tested, and the results were in years ago: it works. That's not to say that in the wrong hands things can't go disastrously wrong; a 4-4-2 formation has won football teams championships, it's also got others relegated.

Sir Lee Tea and Develish Daz Trash have previous form as members of Thee Exciters and Skitzo! respectively, and Lee is currently a member of Swedish garage kings The Branded. There aren't any revelations here but in such capable hands it hardy matters. 'Thee Gravemen' won't be for everyone but if the above description ticks any of your boxes you'll find this a worthwhile addition to your collection. Unlikely to win the Champions League but probably pushing for a Europa League spot.

Thee Gravemen - My Witch by Cargorecords


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