Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Wild Wild - Sing

Article by KevW

Potential crossover act alert! Let's be honest, a lot of people get compared to MGMT and that brand of indie/electro/pop that's catchy enough to have a pop at the charts and good enough for those with less mainstream tastes to take notice, but not all of them succeed because not all of them are good enough. Illinois-bred, California-based Benjamin Dunn is at the poppier end of the spectrum it could be said, but his new single as The Wild Wild - for whom he's the sole member, taking care of all instruments and writing - could bridge the gap, and it does have enough hooks and a radio-ready sound to see him going places.

Some of his other tracks are more commercial perhaps, but 'Sing' gets the balance just right and is akin to a more danceable Passion Pit. An earworm of a chorus never does your chances of selling records any harm, and you can find a good example here. While 'Sing' could hardly be described as left-field, there is an indie/alternative element which makes this much more palatable than a lot of electro-pop, and it's as sun-drenched as his new home. 'Sing' brightens up you life for a few minutes and that could be the key to The Wild Wild's success. With a debut album due in January, we might be looking at one of next year's breakthrough artists.

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