Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Get Me Free #104: This Is Head - Pieces

Article by KevW

The self-titled third album by Swedish group This Is Head was released at the end of summer and tracks like 'Astray' (featured on our October playlist) lit up the darkening days with shimmering guitars and a propulsive beat. New single 'Pieces' is possibly a little darker - they refer to it as "disco noir" which is fair enough, but we'd perhaps go with new-wave, we're fussy like that - but it has glimmers of light too, again from the chiming guitar that used less heavily this time. The driving rhythm section remains in place and makes the track seem like it's galloping along.

It's difficult not to think of Peter Hook when you hear 'Pieces' though, and there's a distinct whiff of New Order about the bassline, but the comparisons end there really. This also has its roots in goth and occasionally early Kraftwerk and is much spookier than the Manchester legends thanks to the synth that creeps about in the background. Those drums give a strange effect that could be used on a country record were they not accompanied by the sounds of early '80s experimental post-punk bands. The video is suitably strange too, and really enhances the desolation talked about in the lyrics. Both emotionally and sonically, there's a lot going on here, but it's all good.

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