Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bloodhounds On My Trail - Escape II

Article by KevW

Well this lot seem to have created quite a buzz, and it's not difficult to see why. When Melbourne's Bloodhounds On My Trail released their debut EP 'Escape' last year it passed us by, so we can be thankful that it was given a worldwide re-release at the end of November as 'Escape II' - an expanded version that includes the original four tracks plus two bonus songs. If you want to know why other noted shoegaze acts such as Lowtide are getting jealous of this quartet, then part of the secret lies in the guitar sound they achieve and the accuracy with which they create sounds that recall such legends as Slowdive, Chapterhouse and even My Bloody Valentine to a certain extent. 'Escape II' loaded with reverb and washes of cosy distortion that very much follow in the classic tradition of the genre, and as they combine that with great songs, they're really on to something.

When 'Dreamless' kicks into gear, it does so with a certain restraint that adds to the building ambiance. Once it blooms fully, those guitars sound totally magical with a sharp beat locking it together and calming vocals swirling around, lost in the wavering haze but still providing a sweet melody. It's an introduction that will make your ears prick up. Later, 'Old Fools' takes a similar blueprint but makes it sharper, edging it towards the abrasion found on MBV records. Single 'Jolly' piles on even more distortion to the point where the rest of the instrumentation is practically drowning, before it breaks to let the light in. Perhaps a little more ethereal, it wails and screeches in the best possible way. One of the bonus tracks is a remix of 'Jolly' by Ummagma who slip the instruments a coupe of Valium so they're more soothing and less upfront, allowing the vocals more clarity and resulting in a dreamier version. 'Silence, It's Golden' shuns its title musically, showing that towering, wall-to-wall scuzz and melodic touches can be even more golden; it really does shine. Early track 'She's In My Plans' is the other bonus tune (along with the Ummagma remix) and shows that Bloodhounds On My Trail had their sound and identity formed right from the outset - this isn't here to make up the numbers, it fits in perfectly and lets you float along with it. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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