Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Big Sun - Lonely Girl

Article by KevW

Information about The Big Sun is scant, although they appear to be from Oxford and have been together for three or four years. Anyway, they promised that if we reviewed this track they'd come round and do some hoovering or something, and having just moved house and being surrounded by boxes that need unpacking, I could do with a hand to be honest. Regardless of such offers, this is a song worth covering anyway, as it's an excellent and uplifting indiepop tune that doesn't fall into any of the regular traps of that genre.

There may be past bands you could compare this to, but none of them are direct fits which indicates that The Big Sun have their own ideas about things. Not overly retro and certainly not twee or in any way lightweight, 'Lonely Girl' is a perfect amalgamation of indie and pop music, using traditional structures along with electronics and samples that make it sound fresh. The vocal is crystal clear and would be at home on a C86 revivalist record just as much as on a mainstream pop song. So you get the best of both worlds. A delve into their back-catalog makes it a little bewildering that The Big Sun haven't had more coverage. These are instant and catchy alt-pop thrills on offer, and you should take them up. I'll leave the key under the doormat, guys...

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