Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Get Me Free #105: Year of Glad - Blythe

Article by KevW

Conceived by A.P. Bergeron, Year of Glad are based in Montreal and make a very powerful and atmospheric mixture of post-rock and shoegaze with a dash of chamber music thrown in. Aided by various different musicians, the project's debut album 'Old Growth' released last month, and the gargantuan single 'Blythe' acting as an impressive free taster. Featuring guitar from Aaron Johnstone and Nick Laugher on drums and electronics, it's quite possible that you'll be hooked with a single listen.

Bergeron clearly has a fully-formed vision of the music he wants to create, as the writing and arranging here are excellent, and 'Blythe' is also self-produced. To be honest, it's difficult to think of what a more famous producer could bring to the table to make the song any better. The term "post-rock" can strike fear into the hearts of anyone who loves shorter, catchier tunes, but 'Blythe' isn't about drawn-out ambiance, eventually culminating in lots of crashing drums and squalling guitar eight minutes later. Sure, it does build and does reach a heck of a crescendo, but it engages quickly and packs in an awesome amount of force into just over four minutes, all with emotion and skyscraping vocals that make it extremely compelling. As the noise swells with layers and layers of sound as it reaches its finale, it might just blow you away.

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