Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hologram Teen - Post-Apocalypteacakes/Tracksuit Minotaur

Article by KevW

In the nicest possible way, it's safe to say that Morgane Lhote has been around a bit, both musically and geographically. After growing up in Paris, she moved to London aged 20 and was there for twelve years before crossing the Atlantic and spending time in New York and then Los Angeles. During that time she was a member of Stereolab from 1995 to 2001, playing on classic albums 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' and 'Dots & Loops' amongst others. After that she was a member of The Projects, and also of Garden alongside members of Simian Mobile Disco. Now though, she's stepping out alone with her debut release as Hologram Teen.

With a surprising and eclectic range of influences (Supertramp, ELO, ABBA, Hot Chip, GZA, MF DOOM, Judee Sill...), Hologram Teen set out to create purely electronic music that's influenced by disco and Italian horror movie soundtracks. Not being an expert on the latter, I couldn't tell you whether she succeeds, but there is a disco element, although not in the way you might expect. 'Post-Apocalypteacakes' is thoroughly danceable and draws on krautrock and vintage electronica, bringing both up to date and sounding thoroughly current. You can hear the fingerprints of Giorgio Moroder on this, but it also fits in neatly alongside modern acts like Hot Chip. 'Tracksuit Minotaur' (Lhote's imagination comes up with some interesting track names) is maybe even better, adding strange vocal samples about witches and what sounds like creepy gusts of wind. These songs are a hybrid of the 1970s and the present day and both are full of imagination. That amalgamation of influences and ideas is serving Hologram Teen very well.

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