Sunday, 6 December 2015

Kodiak Blue - Orbita

Article by KevW

Space has intrigued humanity for millennia, perhaps reaching a high point in the '50s and '60s when we actually began sending craft, then people, outside of our atmosphere. With many countries currently planning ambitious projects (missions to Mars, bases on the moon, space tourism...) intrigue has heightened once more. As with much of what's happening in the world, this filters through to the music world. If 2015 is likely to be remembered for any astronomically themed records then Public Service Broadcasting's 'The Race For Space' album will be likely most famous, but Kodiak Blue is also worth checking out.

The London electronica artist became interested in the concept of satellites silently moving through the cosmos about a year ago and began writing. This has turned into an EP based upon early Russian craft Sputnik which gives its name to the release as a whole, with the songs detailing different aspects of Sputnik's journey. 'Orbita' does sound cosmic and oddly calming for quite a glitchy track. The vocals give emotion to the bleeps and beats as well as a more human touch and a ,ore expansive feel. There's slight retro edge that recalls '80s synth-pop, but is less commercial than that sounds. For an ode to a metallic, man-made object, this is strangely compassionate, but it makes for a intriguing and well-realised listen.

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