Sunday, 6 December 2015

Get Me Free #102: Prints Jackson - Saskatchewan

Article by KevW

It's difficult to keep up with Prints Jackson (well, if you're as disorganised as us anyway) and his mission to release one new track every month for the rest of his life. So much so that we accidentally missed October's edition, so we're backtracking a bit here. The very concept might lead you to believe that sub-standard music is going to be delivered from time to time, but each song we've heard has been great quality and each sounds as if it could be a single, which they essentially are. Although from Wales, Prints Jackson has quite an American sound and references North America in some of his music too.

'Saskatchewan' is another to do so, both in name and also vocal style. Musically there's glitchy electronica running through it, at first on its own leaving the vocal at the forefront, but then a tribal beat and a harder electronic sound are laid on top as the track becomes more detailed and complex. There's also what could be considered a false ending, but 'Saskatchewan' comes back seeming even bigger. All Prints Jackson's music is free, but were it not then you wouldn't be getting short changed. He's come up with some excellent material so far, so it's worth skipping back through the series to find more - and don't miss out like we almost did...

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