Monday, 7 December 2015

Get Me Free #103: Cat Daiquiri - Ghosts #9

Article by KevW

Having all spent time in other bands, the three members of Chicago group Cat Daiquiri are no strangers to making music. Just over a year on from finalising the line-up (in a cocktail bar, natch), they released their debut EP. The self-titled collection is consistent the whole way through in its mixture of indie-rock and alt-pop. 'Might Do' has a deftness of touch despite rumbling drums and big guitar chords that make for thunderous verses, but they allow in space as well, especially for the chorus which has some nice harmonies and the brief break in the middle of the track. 'Be Brave' is louder overall despite its unassuming intro and again shows the dynamic of the band, easily switching tempo and having different sections to their songs.

It's a tough call to pick a standout as there is no lead-track as such, but after repeat plays, 'Ghosts #9' perhaps exemplifies what Cat Daiquiri do best of all. More rumbling beats are included, but again the song becomes more fluid at times, almost getting into a canter on occasion, and when it does so, more harmonies are introduced and a strong melody to go with them. The guitar brightens things up in much the same way that the electronics that are dotted about do. In inexperienced hands these songs might not be given the same room to breathe, but Cat Daiquiri don't rush into anything, it's all structured excellently and makes for a tasty opening gambit.

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