Wednesday, 9 December 2015

St. Tropez - Son Of God

Article by KevW

With Amsterdam being one of Europe's most liberal and lively cities, it's surprising we don't hear about more music from the Dutch capital. Maybe there's a thriving music scene there that we just haven't tapped into yet. If so, then St. Tropez seem like as good a place to start as any. The quartet describe themselves as "four guys making music in a former gay sauna by the canals of Amsterdam" and essentially make modern, fuzz-riddled garage-rock with a pinch of psych thrown in. They refer to new single 'Son Of God' as "yachtpunk", possibly as a cheeky response to the yacht-rock tag that the press began using heavily a few years ago.

There's not much yacht to be found on this song, but there is a little punk. Listening back to previous releases, the band so have a frenetic energy and the capability to write instantly catchy songs, and you'd have to say they deserve to be better known (in the UK at least, for all we know they could be huge back home). 'Son Of God' kicks off with some scorching guitar and then a thumping beat with synthesised hand claps. Pretty soon they begin to channel Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but still retain enough identity so as not to become mere imitators. This is a stomping tune that may be fashioned from familiar sounds, yet they're pieced together pretty much perfectly.

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18th December – Green Door Store, Brighton
19th December – The Victoria, Dalston, London

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