Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Erik Slim - One Misty Dawn

Article by KevW

Until very recently, Denmark's Erik Slim was known as Ice Cream Cremation (so recently that you still might see this single and its parent album credited to that name), but the change makes it more obvious that this is a one-man band. Slim takes care of all instruments and vocals, and states that he wants to reinvent the sounds of the '60s and '70s underground. Album 'Pasta Paste Jetset' was originally released (under his old guise) at the end of summer, but will be given a wider release on December 31st, and its preceded by single 'One Misty Dawn'.

Where does this track stand in his quest to reinvent underground music from the past? Well, it's mainly the late '70s that are tackled here, and this song could simply be described as fuzz-rock, but there's a bit more going on than that. Post-punk plays a big part in this sound, and there are flashes of the early goth movement to be found as well. 'One Misty Dawn' is akin to a scuzzy version of Television joining in with the UK's scene that included bands such as PiL, early Echo & The Bunnymen and more. So in that sense, it's mission accomplished, as this song does indeed feel like a modern take on some classic rock/punk groups with a nice lo-fi finish.

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