Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Real Experts - Don't Stay (featuring Daniel Angelus)

Article by KevW

How many songs can you think of that are either called or contain in the lyrics the phrase "don't go" (or variants thereof)? There are hundreds, so it almost feels unusual to hear a track called 'Don't Stay'. Taken from the current album, 'The Trade Off', by London synth-pop group Real Experts, this new single is still about heartbreak though, and they want the person in question to "feel my pain", hence the chorus of "don't stay, but don't go just yet. I want you to pay, I want you to feel regret". It's safe to say there's a little vitriol in this ode to love gone wrong, but you get the impression that any anger is a result of sheer sadness.

Featuring lead vocals by Daniel Angelus of Surrender Hearts, 'Don't Stay' continues in the vein of many electro-pop groups of recent years and looks to the golden era of the 1980s for inspiration. There's a little Soft Cell to be found here, and echoes of early Depeche Mode had they been just a touch more poppy. 'Don't Stay' is unashamedly a pop song and the hooks are built to snag you right away, as is the beat which could be borrowed from Erasure. 'Don't Stay' feels like it should be a hit; it almost demands radio play without diluting what the band are about to fit the current zeitgeist, and it's retro but bright and fresh with it. A welcome throwback.

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