Tuesday, 12 March 2013

W.A.X - Isle Of

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

'Isle Of' is the debut EP from Italian electro-pop group W.A.X and in some respects this shows, in others, not so. Firstly much of what makes up these four tracks could have been created by any number of artists, perhaps indicating that they've yet to find their own style or found their feet. There are almost inevitable elements of Italo-disco along with the industrial sounds of European electronica. They have taken a few pointers from their peers. On the other hand, as first releases go, 'Isle Of' is well produced, confident and accomplished. It doesn't sound like a band who are simply winging it and hoping for the best. We're not treated to much in the way of diversity, something which could become a stumbling block unless the band progress over subsequent releases.

Opening track 'Black Sea' is trying to retain its edge while keeping a check on the charts and the clubs. This slightly more commercial bent could be where they're headed, but again they could just be testing the water to see if the song does get picked up on. The next three tracks are of more interest to those who tend to avoid commercial sounds. The crunching and desperate 'VLCN' signifies this right away, and 'Pyramid' does much the same; harsher textures and a bleaker outlook as the vocals urgently sing "nowhere to go" before a contrasting mid-section that's made for club euphoria. They experiment further on final track 'Bedouin' and this collage of sounds, bleeps, beats and crunches suits them well. W.A.X have definite talent, they just need to decide exactly what to do with it.

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