Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Delta Riggs - Rah Rah Radio

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It seems somehow fitting that Australia's overlooked contribution to the 60s garage scene has just been celebrated on the compilation 'Down Under Nuggets'. The country's current garage/punk scene has seen a rise in profile in recent years too. Firstly from The Vines and their chaotic existence, then bands such as the Eddy Current Suppression Ring finally filtering through to the UK. It's a shame that North American bands cross the channel with ease, but bands from Australia and New Zealand often find it harder to break in. Of course all eyes are on the country's psychedelic rock scene after the success of Tame Impale and Pond, but The Delta Riggs have a few things to say too.

It shouldn't be forgotten that while punk was brewing in the US and the UK simultaneously, it was The Saints who brought punk from Australia before The Sex Pistols had released a record. The history is hugely important and too often overlooked. Welding the worlds of garage and punk together, The Delta Riggs sound as vital and energetic as any Northern Hemisphere band peddling similar sounds. This is rough, raw and bristling with power. It sounds electric and it sounds alive. If these guys can put on a live show to match their records then they're not to be missed.

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Catch them live:

Mar 09 Sydney, AU
Apr 11 Brisbane, AU
Apr 12 Byron Bay, AU
Apr 19 Adelaide, AU
Apr 20 Melbourne, AU
Apr 25 Sydney, AU
Apr 26 Sydney, AU
Apr 27 Wollongong, AU

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