Friday, 1 March 2013

The Bilinda Butchers - The Lover's Suicide!

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Now that the real Bilinda Butcher has resurfaced on her seminal band My Bloody Valentine's long-awaited new album, I wonder if it will raise the profile of San Franciscan dreampop duo The Bilinda Butchers? That name must be hitting the search engines a bit more than usual. Hopefully it does, in some way or another, manage to raise the profile of these guys. We've been banging on about them for a while to a general shrug from the public, but those who've taken the time to listen to their fuzzy-headed melodies and soft humming soundscapes will no doubt feel the same way as we do.

It might not have taken them twenty-odd years, or even one year, but the guys are back with a new single next week; the typically floaty and mysterious sounding 'The Lover's Suicide!' which is driven by spangly guitars and a soft beat. It's all very shoegaze circa 1991 but that's a very good thing. The A-side finds them in unusually uptempo mood but wrapped in enough mist to pose a hazard to shipping. B-side 'Love So Estranged' (I think they've been taking title lessons from The Raveonettes) is a more chilled and ambient piece but they don't sacrifice tune for style and it's equally as lovable as the lead track. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

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