Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Five For Free #162

United Ghosts - Holes Into The Night

You know how it can be totally amazing when bands mix shoegaze and krautrock together? Well so do LA gang United Ghosts who have just put up this first single from their forthcoming UK debut album. 'Holes Into The Night' is about as good as introductions to bands go, so needless to say we've pencilled in March 25th to our diary so we can here what else they've got in store.

Download 'Holes Into The Night' for free by heading here

United Ghosts' website

Buy the single

Catch them live:

25/03/2013 – The Social, London ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY
26/03/2013 – Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
27/03/2013 – Hole In The Wall, Colchester
28/03/2013 – The Water Rats, London

Ça Caille - Dreamer

Talking of promising introductions, 'Dreamer' is apparently the very first demo recorded by new Warrington-based band Ça Caille which, as garage experiments go, is pretty bloody fab. They tell us it's a little rough so go easy, well they need worry not. The song sounds great as it is. Yes it is a little lo-fi but this almost sounds like an asset here for what is a lovely piece of sunkissed guitar-pop.

Ça Caille's website

Subtitles - Little Red Riding Hood

If you do happen to like your music a little bit rough then you need to get the new EP from Leicester band Subtitles in your life. They create a righteous lo-fi racket on 'I Am An Animal', all seven tracks of which are available for free. We've picked out this twisted psychobilly tune called 'Little Red Riding Hood' for you to check out. Lux Interior is doubtless looking down approvingly.

Subtitles' website

Stream or download the EP

Adventure Gallery - Semantics

This will be the first time we've featured Portland's Adventure Gallery on The Sound Of Confusion (we think!) and by the sounds of it this is our loss, although it doesn't seem like they've released much since forming in 2008. New single 'Semantics' is a catchy as hell piece of shoegaze/indie that leaves you feeling a bit light headed - in a good way of course. Oh, and it's meant to end like that by the way.

Adventure Gallery's website

Boyscout Discovery - Coyote In The Bronx

Finally another band from Portland, and one we know next to nothing about. By the looks of their Bandcamp page they've released a few singles, the most recent of which is 'Coyote In The Bronx', available here for free. Boyscout Discovery also seem very difficult to categorise. We'll throw in words like indie, experimental, ambient, electronica, dreampop and chillwave and hope that will do.

Boyscout Discovery's website

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