Sunday, 3 March 2013

Co-Pilgrim - 22

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When we featured Co-Pilgrim's last single 'A Fairer Sea' it seemed like a thoroughly enjoyable indie-folk tune with a decent video to boot. The Oxford band have delivered something even better for their next release. New single '22' (which is out on March 25th, I know that's the traditional release day, a Monday, but come on, they're missing a trick there surely?) is also interesting on the visuals front with the video being made up of unspecified people's feet dancing on some artificial turf. If someone came to us with that as an idea we'd send them back to the drawing board pronto, but it's strangely captivating and works really well, so that shows what we know.

The tune is a step up too. You could loosely describe it as indie-folk still, but it's poppier, as if they've turned down the folk dial and turned the sunshine-pop knob up to 11. Yeah this is cheery as hell and the beginning recalls Belle & Sebastian at their more jolly, although when the vocals hit, that comparison is virtually redundant. It's no half thought-out idea either. You can sense that care and attention to detail has been poured into this song which adds to the depth of the piece. Despite the joyous nature of the music it seems that lyrically things might not be quite so rosy, but if you can turn despair into a great song then we're all for it. A decent new band just turned into a very promising one indeed.

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