Monday, 4 March 2013

City Calm Down - Sense Of Self

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The first single, free download 'Pleasure And Consequence', to be taken from the 'Movements' EP by Australians City Calm Down was such an outstanding version of what half the world seems to be attempting at the moment (blending indie and synth-pop together to make some kind of post-punk or new-wave sound) that we awarded it Obligatory Record Of The Week. We were surprised they evaded us for so long, we are after all, supposed to be a new music website, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. If, like us, you enjoyed that track then you may well have gone onto explore its parent EP 'Movements'.

If you've not had any City Calm Down in your life so far then check the link above and then head to the video below. 'Sense Of Self' is another track taken from the same EP and again dovetails the worlds of the guitar band with that of the electronic band, only this time they've upped the pop aspect and maybe their chances of making further headway. Being slightly more left-field types we prefer 'Pleasure And Consequence', but only just. 'Sense Of Self' is a worthy choice for a single and has a top chorus, sharing the same perfect production bestowed upon the rest of the EP. Get stuck in to the links below for more.

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