Monday, 11 March 2013

Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi - Boy EP

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This new EP signifies the coming together of two rising stars in the world of music. We've featured the beautiful voice of Christa Vi on the site a couple of times already, and as far as we're aware she should be releasing her debut album of folktronica/pop songs sometime this year, whether 'Boy' will be featured we don't know, as for this track she's teamed up with Canadian Box Of Wolves, an artist who favours a more nostalgic electronic approach. I guess you could call it chillwave, although from what we hear on this release it's a little more substantial. The main focus of the EP is of course the title-track, and fans of different adaptions will be pleased to note that it comes with remixes by Cyclist and Summer Occasion, as well as an instrumental version.

With a definite 90s chillout vibe, 'Boy' is slick without being too polished and is perfect for winding down a hectic night, Christa's vocals are as classy as ever and work well with this more digital approach. If you want to check out what Box Of Wolves is about then final track 'The Machine' appears to be a solo recording that most definitely recalls the Balearic sounds of the 1990s, something which has seen quite a revival thanks to the current blog culture and the disintegration of musical barriers. Really anything goes and labels become less and less relevant. So not only are we introduced to a new musical talent, we learn that Christa Vi has a voice that can be adapted to fit different styles for the perfect comedown.

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