Saturday 9 March 2013

Ballerina Black - Injureless (Blå)

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This will be the third time we've featured Ballerina Black on the site, following last year's 'NTSB' single and recent track 'Birth Of A Felony' which is the opening song on new EP 'Injureless (Blå)'. During those two reviews we strove to describe their sound, y'know, like music reviews are meant to do and all that, but if you look at an anonymous review on their Bandcamp page it says "maybe if Nirvana decided to do covers of The Cure?". That line is just about what we've been trying to explain, only we'd add to it that the LA group are more polished than either of those alternative heroes. This is the glossy end of post-punk, but you can totally see how that description, at least partly, fits their music.

As well as the aforementioned 'Birth Of A Felony' we get the similarly-styled 'Cannot Feel The Reign' which is perhaps what we'd get if maybe Placebo decided to do covers of The Cult. There's a change in store though, and 'Not Far Away' moves from this polished punk finish to a more acoustic-based number. Don't expect boring singer-songwriter tedium, there's enough embellishment here to give depth; maybe if Junip decided to do covers of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The amps and distortion are plugged back in for the big finish of 'Separator' which might be the best track here and follows a similar path to the opening pair of songs, with added urgency. Maybe if The Soft Pack decided to do covers of The Killers. Or maybe we should chuck all the comparisons, because when it comes down to it, Ballerina Black may have elements of past sounds in their songs but really they're their own band, and a good one at that.

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