Sunday 3 February 2013

Sivu - Better Man Than He

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Freaky. That's the first word that springs to mind when watching the video for Sivu's new single 'Better Man Than He'. The footage was shot using an MRI scanner and shows the internal workings of the head while the song is being sung. Although it's largely the shot from the same position it's an oddly gripping watch, especially noticing exactly what the tongue gets up to when we talk/sing. It's one of the most original videos we've seen for a while, but a little about the artist. Sivu (we no not whether this is his real name nor where he's from) will be releasing this single on February 25th and it was produced by Charlie Andrew (Alt-J), he's also signed to the same management company as Radiohead.

Having the man behind a Mercury winning album at the desk and being taken aboard by the company that looks after one of the UK's most celebrated bands must bode well. It's bound to draw comparisons too, and we'd have to say that 'Better Man Than He' is more early Radiohead than Alt-J, Sivu's vocals being strong and seeming to have a good range. The song, if you can take your focus from the video, is a stirring piece of stately alternative rock that the critics will be falling over themselves about. Really it's what the public think that counts, and this has the correct components to satisfy the aural needs of the more discerning listener. Plus having a video that could go mini-viral can only accelerate things.

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