Wednesday 20 February 2013

Dead Wolf Club - RAR

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The concept behind the second album from London-based Tintagel group Dead Wolf Club is, like so many others in the "current climate", focused in part on the struggles presented by the failing economy, the hapless government and the overuse of technology in our lives which are dependent on computers and smart phones. We do realise the irony of this being an internet-based review that you're possibly reading on your Lumia or whatever. 'RAR', as you're probably aware is a computer acronym and the band question whether our reliance on technology has taken the actual living aspect away? Has it made life less lifelike you could say, and will the future increase this dependency further and what will be the impact on humankind?

It all sounds fairly heavy in terms of subject matter, but you needn't worry about the music. There's fairly straight-ahead modern hard-rock on 'The ABC Of Being Stupid', 'MBE (Matt's Big Entrance)', 'Magic Ratio' and the politically motivated 'Bring Down The Banks'. They take a more exploratory route with the grungy chug of 'Strange Letters' and the boy/girl sung 'Dance To The Conflict' which is one of the more memorable songs on the album. Also the more fluid 'Go!!!' stands out by combining different aspects of what the band do. There's a more indie feeling to 'Guerreo' with its half-spoken delivery but it doesn't feel out of place and as a whole, whichever path they take on any given song, it ends up as a cohesive body of work.

Despite these sharp and often abruptly stabbing songs, Dead Wolf Club sound best on the fresh, gliding tracks like 'A Versus E' where the vocals are allowed to blend in with the music more; oddly this makes them soar that bit extra, the slow-burning 'Create All' repeats the trick, as does 'In The Clouds', a song that feels like a band really hitting their stride, something that continues into the skyscraping 'She Is God'. Of course the album was made and will be distributed by the very means it questions in the first place and this is a fact that won't be lost on the band. In fact, if anything, it only serves to prove their point even more.

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