Wednesday 6 February 2013

Fur - Image on the Reverse

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This high-octane, almost comic-strip, high vitamin enriched delivery from Detroit band Fur is what you need in the morning to get you back into the swing of life, While this isn't an album that’s going to make you think philosophically about any revolts or revolutions, it is an album that will make you imagine, and they are the kind of band who will arouse the belief of the fans who find them. 'Irreversible' is a superb opener - the sound, paradoxically, is almost as if The Wonderstuff drive in one end of a tunnel, Muse the other end, and out the end of your choosing there then emerges, blazing, without any of the whimsicality those two bands respectively, Fur; curious and fantastical.

'I Want To Let You Down' is an accomplished piece of beautiful urbanity on electric guitar, breezing through with true raucousness. 'Sunshine' is one of those tracks that is so clearly an album piece that it will probably never be paid a great deal of attention, but it’s a true reward for the faith you invest in them. These tracks, and others (especially 'The Fiction') have exactly the right amount of rawness for a band who sound like a more authentic incarnation, in a parallel world, of those bands like The Darkness who steer towards these same musical directions.

I hope they stay this way, they might not of course but they do engender that hope. Lyrically energetic and innovative instances are fairly common here too, and well-placed, although not always decipherable "Attach the strings around my heart, and then a violin pulls it out" would be a great line if that is indeed what is sung on the Cult-ish 'Irreversible'. Compliments to the lead singer who sounds like he’s eaten something inedible but pure.

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