Friday 1 February 2013

Finish Ticket - Doctor/Catch You On My Way Out

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The first part of the year always brings with it many debut albums, to add to this year's list we have the first offering from San Francisco's Finish Ticket, a band with a commercial indie sound and one that they're hoping will translate into greater success for the already well supported group. Having been working on their music, gigging and writing since 2008 they've had plenty of time to perfect the sound they're aiming for. Their ambition is evident in their choice of producer too. Former Rilo Kiley man Pierre de Reeder knows a thing or two about making hit records, having worked with Julian Casablancas, Vampire Weekend and She & Him. So is the finished article looking like it'll enable them to reach their goal?

If we look at free download single 'Doctor' we find a cleanly produced song; everything is crystal clear and note perfect. There's little disguising the fact that this is pop, although you can call it indie if you like, but only by virtue of the fact it's a guitar-based song; there's nothing independent here. This track wants to win fans and it surely will, especially with a made-for-radio chorus which will no doubt ensure word spreads far and wide - it's a definite guilty pleasure though. New track 'Catch You On My Way Down' is the proof they don't just have one idea. A pensive, ballad-like song about heartbreak, the story may not be new but it's one that resonates with everyone. The buzz of the guitar prevents it becoming too soppy as well which is a good move. We could be hearing a lot more of these guys.

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