Wednesday 9 January 2013

Five For Free #146

Suede - Barriers

Wasn't it nice of Suede's hero David Bowie to come along and piss on their parade as the biggest comeback story of the month? Still, it's great to have these guys back and taking one step towards fixing the bad taste left when the once great band fizzled away in a haze of indifference on those last couple of albums. On 'Barriers' they sound on top form, not aping their past material, but not deserting it altogether either.

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The Wooden Sky - Take Me Out

On 'Take Me Out', Canadians The Wooden Sky have the feel of a southern American band about them. This country-tinged ballad incorporates a doo-wop rhythm and is generally a terrific song all round. You can download it free below, and for more from them check out new album 'Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun' which is out now.

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Treasure Fleet - The Well

Chicago's Treasure Fleet are more a collective than a band, with a core group plus several part-time members, all of which makes for some great music, so maybe others should take a similar approach. 'The Well' is a prime cut of indie-rock that's catchy, melodic and on the odd occasion recalls Syd Barrett. Their album 'Future Ways' is out now.

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WYATT - Trouble

Calling themselves an electro-folk-pop outfit, US group WYATT could also be considered more of a collective than a band in the traditional sense. Lead by Maddy Wyatt who takes care of singing, guitar and flute, she's joined by family members and friends and together they create quite wonderful Americana/pop as you can hear on new single 'Trouble'.

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Atch - Shining Jack

Taking it's name from a certain film and a certain film star (see if you can spot the sample), 'Shining Jack' is the latest track to be unveiled from the forthcoming new album, 'Black', by US producer Atch. Less poppy than some of his work yet more ambient than some of his techno pieces, this chilled track finds a very pleasant mid-point between the two. Just add sun and a cold beer.

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