Friday 4 January 2013

Hey, Sleeper - The Sea EP

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Hey, Sleeper is the alias of Berkshire singer-songwriter Luke Roberts who occasionally works as a duo with his sister Bethany and it's her supplying the very sweet backing vocals on these songs. Following time spent in a band, 2010 saw Luke pick up an eight-track recorder and begin working on his own songs, at first purely for the entertainment of him and his friends but word slowly began to spread and he began gigging as Hey, Sleeper. A couple of EPs have been released since then and been favourably met. Now this third effort has been put online for free download, and it really shows the beauty of music when stripped down to its bare bones.

'The Sea' is a very fragile set of songs that are built around simple chords, vocals and little else. They require your attention; you couldn't leave these tracks on as background music as you'd almost certainly miss out on them. The lyrics are softly sung and well thought out, 'Wild Wonder' in particular shows off the two voices working in unison. Almost unbelievably, 'Pi' is even more delicate and features violin, again courtesy of Bethany. At this point the songs are merely in the demo stage, but it would be a shame if they were to be produced much more heavily as some of what makes them so quietly captivating may be lost. A pair of live tracks complete the line-up and are very much in the same vein. It's proof that sometimes simplicity is the best way forward.

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