Wednesday 7 November 2012

Yus - Nowadays

Single review by KevW

Earlier this year, Arizonan artist Yus won a competition to have a professional video made for his track 'Girls', surely a testament to the fact that his music is both considered to be of a high quality and also lends itself well to imagery. Following on from the album 'Palms' from which that track was taken, the Phoenix-based producer has since released a brace of remix EPs including his takes on tracks by Chromatics, Animal Collective and Crystal Castles, (all available from his Bandcamp page) and now he returns with some brand new original material in the form of new single 'Nowadays'.

The track is quite trance-inducing and lethargic, but that's more to do with the engaging atmospheric sounds he's made rather than any form of laziness. With laid-back, dubby beats and a gentle wash of drifting synths and effects we're looking at a song that's found the mid-point between dreampop and chillwave, pulled up a big comfy armchair and made itself comfy there, probably with a spliff on the go. It's not exactly poptastic and if you're after something to give you a kick up the backside and motivate you for the rest of the day then there's little chance of 'Nowadays' being of any help. If however, you want to take a few minutes out and have some lush sounds caress the stress away then hit the play button now.

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