Wednesday 14 November 2012

Five For Free #131

Ethereal And The Queer Show - Cosmotopia

As we reported recently, yet another decent dreampop band has swung by our ears to display their knack for creating ethereal sounds. The appropriately named Ethereal And The Queer Show's new album 'Cosmotopia' is out now and on the title-track the duo explore slightly rougher textures and set sail for more experimental waters, with excellent results.

Download 'Cosmotopia' for free by heading here

Ethereal And The Queer Show's website

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Spakkiano - Halcyon Days

It's been a few months since we checked in with Italian audio/visual artist Spakkiano, but the news is that his latest track, 'Halcyon Days', is probably his finest effort so far musically, taking us on an electronic, krautrock journey that many are attempting to create at the moment, but few this well, and it's set to be accompanied by a mock horror video.

Spakkiano's website

Rzurho - Commuter (slow)

It's been an interesting musical journey for Rzurho, from drumming in punk bands in South Korea (we're guessing his home country) to becoming sticksman for a band at Coventry university. After an 8 year break he returned to music, this time as a singer-songwriter, after picking up an acoustic guitar and beginning to experiment. 'Commuter (slow)' is a top track that recalls José González' Swedish band Junip.

Rzurho's website

Maybeshewill - Accolades

Leicester group Maybeshewill are described as post-rock and I guess that tag fits to a point. But forget about endless guitarscapes. Their new album 'I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone' is out this week and while it ticks certain post-rock boxes it also has plenty of gusto, and not the sort you have to wait eight minutes for. Check out 'Accolades'.

Maybeshewill's website

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Gratuit - Feu

Based in Nantes, 'Délivrance' is the second full-length from Gratuit, a group who are more than happy to play around with styles and go with what feels right rather than what's expected. 'Feu' takes in aspects of the electronic pioneers of the 1970s but brings the sound up to date by giving these antiquated sounds a modern production so they could never be mistaken as leftovers from a bygone era.

Free download: 'Feu'
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Gratuit's website

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