Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Wolfhounds - Cheer Up

Single review by KevW

Indiepop. As a word it's almost become as meaningless as indie, a tern that can be erroneously used to describe pretty much anything. A few years ago your standard indiepop references were Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura and the like, bands who, admittedly, owed a debt to the 1980s, but gave it their own up-to-date interpretation. The past couple of years has, in many cases at least, stripped away that modern coating to unveil the 80s DIY guitar-pop sound that was first pushed by labels releasing limited edition 7" singles of local bands they liked from sorrowful-looking label headquarters that were most likely some dank office space rented above a chip shop. But these dedicated few brought us the sounds we grew to love and for a while triumphed successfully in the face of major label scorn.

We haven't visited Odd Box HQ but we're not expecting an office block to compete with Simon Cowell's current working abode. Their next release is a limited edition 7" single (with download code) by The Wolfhounds, reformed survivors from those pioneering days of yore. And 'Cheer Up' is the exact same up-tempo indiepop that heroes of that era were creating then; it might as well be labelled "1985", the only subtle difference is that the production is a touch clearer, but not enough to take away from what makes recordings like this special. The B-sides are more ragged, with a drum kit being put through its paces on 'Security' and plenty of melody to keep things sweet. 'The Devil Looks After Her Own' feels perhaps the most homemade/lo-fi but that doesn't detract from it at all. After more than 30 years since their debut, The Wolfhounds are sticking to their guns, and long may they do so.

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