Wednesday 7 November 2012

Five For Free #129

Centrefolds - Release The Hounds

It would be great if someone could take the kind of indie-type music that occasionally crosses over into chart territory and make it less commercial, more edgy and more experimental but without losing any of its universal appeal and catchy nature, wouldn't it? Well the band you're looking for are called Centrefolds and they're a quartet from Bath. Listen to 'Release The Hounds' doing just what we've described.

Centrefolds' website

Stream or download the EP

GEMS - Void Moon

With all eyes on Washinton, DC, it's only right that we delve into their music scene and see what gems we can uncover. What we find are indeed GEMS, an excellent dreampop/trip-hop hybrid. Being nomadic types, 'Void Moon' was written in Texas and recorded on the beach in North Carolina. They had to evacuate due to a hurricane, but brought some good tunes back with them.

GEMS' website

Black Dots - This Stinking World (Stuck On You)

Black Dots is the alias of one Luke Barwell and man we can best describe as mysterious. He's British, but we know nothing else about him. 'This Stinking World (Stuck On You)' is a new track that's being given away by Love Our Records and, frankly, it's pretty bloody good. A very modern mix of garage, alt-rock and assorted other bits and bobs that sounds not dissimilar to The Beta Band.

Black Dots' website

Stream or download the EP

Le Roi Crocodile - Battles

It's frightening that a man half my age can make tunes like this at home in his bedroom when I can barely string two sentences together, let alone approach anything creative. But Vancouver's Le Roi Crocodile is a 16 year-old who's already got a clutch of rather decent chilled-out electro-pop/indie tracks to his name. Check out his newest creation, 'Battles'.

Le Roi Crocodile's website

Very America - Back From The Dead

This is the debut single for Pennsylvania's Very American, a group of six men who share a passion for decent guitar music, having all been members of other notable bands in the past and been heavily involved in the punk scene. With this band they're drawing from a more melodic strain of indie-rock with wonderfully catchy results. Here's free download 'Back From The Dead'.

Very Americans' website

Stream or buy the single

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