Tuesday 17 June 2014

Matthew North - Something Memorable

Single review by KevW

When you learn that someone was brought up on a musical diet of Lonnie Donegan, Staus Quo and The Human League, it's nigh on impossible to imagine what their own compositions might sound like. That's at least three generations spanned before Devon musician Matthew North began playing in bands and releasing records, and when he did it was more inspired by Sisters Of Mercy and The Cure than the styles of the aforementioned artists. This was the late '80s with his band All Living Fear, a group who are still going today. More recently, North has been a member of Secrets For September, an indie-pop band who we've featured in the past.

Skip to the present, and alongside those two projects, Matthew North is set to release his debut solo album 'still THINKING? Still DREAMING', and is preceding it with chiming acoustic single 'Something Memorable'. With a simple arrangement, this is a track that's low on the histrionics, instead relying on the strength of the actual song to carry it through; there's not much to hide behind. It can be a bold move when we're in a world saturated by blokes with acoustic guitars, but North's style doesn't follow trends, and this is to his credit. The chilled style is made for summer, and the electrified end section catches you by surprise and adds another dimension. It's been a long and winding road for Matthew North, but if this is where it's led him then it was one worth taking.

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Catch him live:

2014 - June - 19th - Exeter - Picturehouse
2014 - June - 20th - Norwich - Jurnets Bar
2014 - June - 21st - London - The Islington
2014 - June - 22nd - Hadleigh - The Eight Bells
2014 - June - 23rd - Bristol - Mr Wolfs
2014 - July - 26th - Exeter - Casa Maroc

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