Monday 9 June 2014

Climbing Boys - Conjoining Rite

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There is a linage of bands whom at first glance appear wrapped in monochrome, with perfect fringes and only sing in a near baritone about the heavy depths of life. Then you really listen and realise that so often this music is full of colour and life. It can transcend the mundane and bathe you in a euphoric glow. Joy Division, Interpol and The National all drink deeply from the same well, and London's Climbing Boys have also partaken of the same waters with their new single 'Conjoining Rites'.

The bass loops and pulses in a manner familiar to fans of certain bearded Mancunian (although no-one slings the bass as low as Hooky). But this isn't pastiche; there are shimmering, strident guitars and exploding glitter-bombs of sounds across 'Conjoining Rites', while a ringing, ultra-melodic refrain buries itself into you, giving the sound a deft lightness of touch that lifts it out of any perceived gloom, dancing you across the stars. Delicious harmonies add a classic Postcard Records pop edge to the song, giving it an accessibility that many of Climbing Boys' peers can often lack. At 2 mins 45, 'Conjoining Rites' is over too quickly, but as an introduction it is assuredly impressive and has you eagerly waiting for more.

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