Thursday 12 June 2014

Band To Check Out: Cavaliers

As anyone who's ever read a copy of NME will know, as soon as a new guitar band come along with the potential to actually shift some records and make contact with the charts, the hype machine goes into overdrive. What a shame it's been wasted on bands like Viva Brother and Mono in recent years. Both next-big-things according to that publication. Winchester's Cavaliers are in with a fighting chance of breaking through though. They have catchy tunes, they have edge but accessibility with it. They also have song titles such as 'If I Had 50p For Every Time You Stabbed Me In The Back I'd Be Looking At At Least £8.60' and 'Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich'. Their sound is a coming together of indie, math-rock and a hint of garage; pretty much a hybrid of all the alternative guitar bands who have broken through in the past decade or so. The Chartburst winners should really be getting some hype action themselves. Check out Kev's review and visit their profile for to listen, vote and find out more.

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